Here`s a web link to the Sien Lok society web page.

Sien Lok park is a direct result of work the Society coordinated with the City of Calgary to create a Chinatown park on both sides of Riverfront Avenue. The park adjoins the site of the Pink Flamingo Chinatown mural. With the participation of a number of groups in the community, work will commence on an extensive 2nd Avenue open space link to the park to be created with the Pink Flamingo group.

Sien Lok & CCDF Bowside have been working with the property owner, together with Terry Wong at the CDBIA office, to create a lively valuable asset for the community, since the demolition of the sloped glass Indian Friendship Centre building.

Like many organizations in Chinatown there are many linked directors and executive members working together on projects simultaneously. The objectives are the betterment of the Chinatown community while creating progress with joint synergies & harmony where ever possible.