The Calgary Chinatown Development Foundation working with local historian and Chinatown enthusiast Fung Ling are pleased to add this digital access point for memorabilia and historically significant materials.  

The purpose of the collection is to identify, acquire, preserve, and make accessible cultural heritage and historical assets of the Chinese community. These records document the activities, experiences, and history of the Chinese community.

“Wah” is relatable to “wow” in English but so much more.
WAH is short for “We Are Here”. Wah is an interjection to express amazement, admiration. It is an exclamation used in many Asian languages, not limited to Toisan, Cantonese, Hokkien, Mandarin, as well as in Korea and India. 華 wah in the Chinese language is an adjective with several meanings, including:


magnificent, splendid

“The collection will be available to researchers and the general public alike, and will be housed at the City of Calgary Archives,” Fung Ling added.

The primary focus of the acquisition guideline is the preservation and accessibility of the community’s records which are selected for permanent retention through the appraisal process. The collection seeks to pass on knowledge from Elders to the youth so that new generations can inherit both intangible and tangible assets, and preserve them.