Positivity, harmony vs the forces that push us apart.

Contrast this news coverage (below) with what happened recently in Calgary’s Chinatown.

THINK: community representations, prejudice, art vandalism, western cowboys legacy, immigrants ranchers and farmer settlers.

Street Art: engagement, excitement, invigoration vs status quo.

How we perceive things is a product of our own and the media images. Let our community appear harmonious in the face of much adversity everywhere else. Those who lead the media coverage should always do so with respect and kindness. Everyone is entitled to be a judge of art. However, more importantly, we must attempt to treat all with kindness and harmony ignoring the negativity where possible, especially in the media. — Everyone is entitled to their opinion but no one should have the right to exploit disagreement in a tight-knit community for whatever purpose.

T E Dixon & S Woo Dixon