Pink Flamingo與SPECTACLE和The New Gallery一起,希望您對卡爾加里中國文化中心(在1 St SW和2 Ave SW的拐角處)對面的公共空間進行設計。

這個空間是藝術家Jae Sterling在唐人街新版《指南與保護者》壁畫的所在地。

該空間以前是卡爾加里原住民友誼中心的所在地,是卡爾加里BIPOC社區的交匯點。 以下問題將為您提供機會,設想一下不久的將來空間會變成什麼樣。

調查-“指南和保護者”- 調查

Pink Flamingo together with SPECTACLE and The New Gallery would like your input in the design of the public space across from the Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre (at the corner of 1 St SW and 2 Ave SW).

The space is home to the new mural in Chinatown The Guide & Protector by artist Jae Sterling.

Previously the home of the Aboriginal Friendship Centre of Calgary, the space is an intersection point for Calgary’s BIPOC community. The following questions will provide you the opportunity to envision what the space will become in the near future.

Fill out the survey here.